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Asheville Businesses Quietly Impacted by Google's Mobile 1st Ranking Algorithm

                      Mobile Friendly meant Business Friendly a long time before Google made it’s “Mobile 1st” announcement in July. We only have to look to our own behaviors to prove this. How many times have you pulled out your phone and looked up a place to grab a bite to eat, saw the top result on Google, clicked and then waited, and waited……and waited…. Odds are you gave up, clicked the back button on your phone and tried the next link. For the business owner of that first website, they just lost out to their competition.
                      Unless your really into nerdy news, you probably missed Google’s Summer ranking update (July 2018). Right at the start of this years first major spike in tourism Mobile Friendly websites began moving up in rank via every Asheville visitors phone. The simple reason,
 ranking factors like how a website responds to different screen sizes and how quickly it downloads over 3G, 4G and all the bars in between gave them the boost…
                      For the lucky owners of these mobile friendly sites, it was almost literally a golden opportunity. If you’re starting to wonder why you noticed less foot-traffic & less website traffic, grab your phone, turn off the WiFi and enter your website into the browser. If it takes more than 2 seconds to load, Mobile 1st Rankings might be the culprit. Basically, you’re going to want to get that fixed. Regardless of if you choose to go with Asheville SEO Ninja, now is the time to get your website up to speed and mobile friendly.
 *Pro-Tip: Google has a free tool to test how mobile friendly your website is.

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Some Quick Facts about Revenue from Tourism in Asheville  

  • “1-in-7 jobs in Buncombe County are supported by the tourism industry. Without tourism, the unemployment rate would be 15.2%.” 
  • – “On average, 29,800 people visit Buncombe County each day, spending $5.2 million daily.”
– Taken From the Explore Asheville Convention Visitor Bureau