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Elementor Form Submissions to Google Sheets with Webhooks

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Add the Code to Your Google Sheets Project

> Erase the code you see when your project first opens
Copy the code into your Google Sheets Project

Authorize the App

  • Give the project version a name
  • Set “Execute the app as:” to
  • “Me(youremail@gmail.com)”
  • Set “Who has access to this app:” to
  • “Anyone, even anonymous”
  • Click "Deploy"
  • Click “Review Permissions”
  • Choose your account
  • Click "Advanced"
    (near the bottom left)
  • Click “Go to: (whatever you just named your project)”
  • Click "Allow"
  • Copy the URL listed below ” to
  • Click "ok"
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Add the Web App URL to the Elementor Form

  • Go to the Elementor form that you want to link to your spreadsheet.
  • you can use the same webhook you just copied on multiple forms
  • Scroll down to "Actions After Submit"
  • Click “Webhook”
  • Scroll down a little more to the toggle labeled "Webhook"
  • Paste the Web App URL from your project
  • Click “Update”
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Test Your Form

  • Whatever you named your Elementor form will automagically become a tab in your Google Sheet.
  • Or, if you already have a tab in your Google Sheet with that name, then form submissions will be sent to that tab.
  • The column headers will probably be in a random order. All you have to do is arrange them hover you'd like and the script will match and place the data.
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